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No other card game has such an upturn in recent years and decades. Especially texas holdem has become very popular. While Poker earlier stamped as pure gambling, it is today "presentable". The possibility of poker to play via the Internet has further contributed to its popularity.

Poker quiz - Introduction

Besides luck, which is of course also needed, a mathematical and psychological understanding is necessary to successfully play poker. To make the right decision at the right time is very important. So it is crucially for poker beginners to have a solid knowledge of poker itself and the things around it. And here at this knowledge can be tested!

After successfully completing the quizzes don't jump in to high-roll games instantly. Remember that in actual game you are competing against real humans.

Questions about Poker Variants

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Poker resources

As mentioned before, poker is a play of skills. The internet provides a couple of interesting and useful websites to improve your poker skills. Examples of helpful resources are Advanced Poker Training, the website and "Poker Apps", Google Play

Online Poker

Enhance your knowledge about poker: poker glossary, poker terms and more.

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Get the latest poker news at our poker blog.

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