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1. What is another name of Chinese Poker?

Chinese poker is also called Russian poker.

2. How many hole cards are dealt in Chinese Poker?

Each player is dealt 13 cards. He must make three hands using all of his cards.

3. Phil Hellmuth lost $ 536.000 in one night in Chinese poker. Against whom?

Phil Hellmuth once lost $536,000 to Phil Ivey in one night playing at $2000 a point. Hellmuth claimed it was the first time he had ever lost more than $110,000 of his own money in one night.

4. Who won the $5000 Chinese Poker event at the WSOP in 1995?

In 1995, the $1500 event was won by John Tsagaris, and the $5000 event by Steve Zolotow.

5. In which year was the last Chinese Poker event at the WSOP?

In 1996 the $1500 event was won by Gregory Grivas, and the $5000 event by Jim Feldhouse. There have been no Chinese Poker events at the WSOP since 1996.

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