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Five Card Draw

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1. What is the maximum number of players who can play Five Card Draw at one table?

Five Card Draw is played by a maximum of seven players.

2. Which hand is known as Dead Man's Hand?

The dead man's hand is a two-pair poker hand, namely "aces and eights." The hand gets its name from the legend of it having been the five-card-draw hand held by Wild Bill Hickok at the time of his murder (August 2, 1876).

3. How many cards can be replaced by every single player in Five Card Draw?

You can replace a maximum of 5 cards.

4. Who won the 1000$ Five Card Draw event at the WSOP in 1982?

Sklansky won the 1000$ Five Card Draw Event in 1982. He won three WSOP bracelets, two in 1982 ($800 Mixed Doubles and $1000 Five Card Draw) and one in 1983 ($1000 Limit Omaha).

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