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Ylon Schwartz

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1. Where was Ylon Schwartz born?

Ylon Schwartz is a native New Yorker. He was born in Manhattan and lives now in Brooklyn.

2. Before being introduced to poker Ylon Schwartz was a professional...

Ylon Schwartz is a chess whizz. He's equally at home playing chess in the super-competitive games in New York's Washington Square Park, idling the time in Golden Nugget low limit ring games or tearing up the major poker tournaments in the east coast casinos of Atlantic City and Foxwoods.

3. How many WSOP-Cashes did Ylon Schwartz have before 2008?

Before 2008 Ylon Schwartz had 11 previous cashes in World Series events dating back to 2005.

4. Ylon Schwartz starts his gambling career at the age of...

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Ylon Schwartz started his gambling career at the age of thirteen, hustling the legendary 80s chess games in Manhattan's Washington Square Park with the now iconic Eric 'Sheets' Haber.

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