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Phil Hellmuth

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1. Where was Phil Hellmuth born?

Phillip Hellmuth was born July 16, 1964 in Madison, Wisconsin.

2. What is the nickname of Phil Hellmuth?

Phil Hellmuth is called the "Poker Brat".

3. When did Phil Hellmuth win his first bracelet?

Phil Hellmuth won his first bracelet at the WSOP-Main-Event in 1989.

4. How many bracelets did Phil Hellmuth win so far?

With 11 bracelets he holds the record for most bracelets won at the World Series of Poker.

5. In which poker variant did Phil Hellmuth win all his Bracelets at the WSOP?

Phil Hellmuth won all of his 11 bracelets in Texas Hold'em.

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