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Barry Greenstein

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1. Where was Barry Greenstein born?

Barry Greenstein was born December 30, 1954 in Chicago, Illinois.

2. In which company has Barry Greenstein worked before playing poker full time?

He worked for Symantec until retiring in 1991 at age 36 when he began to play poker full time.

3. Barry Greenstein is often compared with a film hero. What's his name?

Barry Greenstein donated all of his tournament winnings to charities, primarily, and he is therefor called the Robin Hood of poker.

4. What is the title of Barry Greenstein's book?

In 2005, Greenstein wrote a book titled 'Ace on the River'. Tuan Le, a WPT Season 3 champion, claims that book showed him how to succeed on the poker circuit.

5. When Barry Greenstein is eliminated from a tournament, he ...

Barry Greenstein is known for giving away a free copy of his book to the player who eliminates him in a tournament, including his autograph and details of the hand.

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