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Isabelle Mercier

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1. Where was Isabelle Mercier born?

Isabelle Mercier was born August 05, 1975 Victoriaville, Québec (Canada).

2. What is the nickname of Isabelle Mercier?

Isabelle Mercier is called "No Mercy".

3. Which profession had Isabelle Mercier before her professional poker career?

She earned an undergraduate law degree from the Université de Montréal and practiced commercial law for six months. She then moved to Paris, France and earned a Masters Degree while working as the poker room manager at the Aviation Club de France, before turning to poker full-time.

4. How many bracelets did Isabelle Mercier win so far?

Isabell Mercier could not win a bracelet yet.

5. Who gave Isabelle Mercier her nickname?

The nickname "No Mercy" was given by Mike Sexton. It is a reference to her aggressive and mercyless game play.

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