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Omaha Hold 'em

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1. How is the starting hand AK47 called in Omaha?

The starting hand AK47 is called "Kalashnikov".

2. Who won the pot-limit Omaha tournament of the WSOP in 1997?

Matthias Rohnacher won the Pot Limit Omaha tournament of the WSOP in 1997. He was the first German, who won a bracelet at the WSOP.

3. How many hole cards are dealt in Omaha Hold 'em?

Each player is dealt four cards. He must make his best hand using exactly two of them.

4. Which is NOT a poker variant that contains Omaha?

HORSE, HOSE and SHOE are all poker variants containing Omaha.

5. What is a Scoop in Omaha Poker?

A scoop means winning the whole pot in a Hi Lo game. Usually this is the case with A 2 3 4 5.

6. Which card combination in Omaha is called "Wheel"?

The card combination "A 2 3 4 5" is called "Wheel" in Omaha.

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